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Easy, Recyclable, Affordable!













Scenario #1:

Bag of food, water bottl, water bottle, bowl for water, treats, waste bag, and towel to clean up.

Scenario #2

Baggies of food, baggies of treats, waste bag, and bottle of water.


BarkEm's Portable Pet Meals!




Portable Pet Meals for Your Pet!!

BarkEm’s to Go is ideally marketed towards the traveling pet owner, who would like an easy way to feed on the go.

Day hiking trips, afternoon walks in the park, or short commutes are a perfect application; weekend hunting trips, week long vacations, or trips abroad. Even a daily meal… simply for convenience.





Ready...Set...GO! Grab a BarkEm's...

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Ready to Go Meal for your Pet

BarkEm’s to Go: a pre-packaged meal suited just for your pet. Contained in separate compartments inside a recyclable, single use container is: one serving of premium food, portioned to different sizes and species of pets, a bowl of vitamin enhanced pet water, and treat sealed separately for dessert.

This is where food, water, and treat unite!










Here is a stack ready for a short trip. They are small, and nestle into one another. Take one, two, or a case with you for all your traveling, gift, or feeding needs.