Doggy Solutions - Pet Patio Potty™

By The Owners of BarkEm's Inc @ B.St.Design

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The Pet Patio Potty™ is a dog litter box with a unique, patent pending layered design. Desirable features include:

  • Attractive, low to the ground (4” in height) box frame construction.
  • Removable perforated trays with handles hold a top layer of synthetic K9Grass™, gravel or even real sod.
  • Urine drains through the top layer into a bottom layer of odor-absorbing kitty litter or other absorbent material.
  • Unpleasant odors are minimized and clean-up is a snap! See the How It Works section.
  • Available in multiple sizes, models and construction materials. n materials.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Polyethylene feet are added to all dog potty box frames to provide a small air space beneath the potty.



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The Pet Patio Potty™ is all about giving you choices – different models, sizes, construction materials, cover colors and surface materials. Customize a dog potty product meeting the needs of both you and your dog. Learn more about finding the perfect solution to your dog potty problem! Or Start Shopping»


No Mess with the Pet Patio Potty™

  • Doggy paws never come in contact with the litter, so there is no problem with tracking litter through your home!
  • Tray handles make access ter easy.
  • Doggy Solutions™ provides a convenient litter scoop!
  • Placement of a trash bag or liner beneath the litter facilitates periodic removal of the litter from the potty so that the unit can be thoroughly cleaned. The smooth polyethylene tray bottoms make cleaning the trays easy.













Geometric Nature - Recycled Wearable Art

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Awesome Forms of Jelwery in recycled acrylic, wood, paper and a combination of each. Check them out and can order online.




Odor Z Way - Pet Odor and Stain Remover

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 Do you have an odor that you cannot get rid of? How about a stain that you cannot remove? If so, you must use Odor-Z-Way®! Remove virtually any odor or stain with Odor-Z-Way®. Odor-Z-Way® is the most powerful odor and stain removal product on the market.

  • Eliminates Odors - Stain Removal Odorless - Pet Safe

  • Environmentally Safe - Human Safe

  • Easy to Use True American Made Product