3 Choices** - Small, Medium, & Large...
One Size DOESN'T Fit All

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Large- 55 lbs - 80 lbs

12 oz Premium Dog Food, 10 fl. oz. Pet Water, and a Large Treat..

Medium- 30 - 55 lbs

6.5 oz Premium Dog Food, 6 fl. oz. Pet Water, and a Treat.

Small- 30 lbs and under

4 oz Premium Dog Food, 3 fl. oz. Pet Water, and a Small Treat.

Bigger? 80+ lbs

Use either 2 large, or 1 lg + 1 med.






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No Mess, No Fuss, Just GO!!

Ready for your Poodle, Collie, or even a St. Bernard! All food is specially designed for Dogs on the Go!