Post Tank.... & NOW!


Harsh Reviews made me work harder!
















               Alot has happened in the life of BarkEm's™ since the orignal concept in years ago. It has been quite a journey and we are proud to say that we now have the best product possible and ready for the last leap. The prject shows that great improvements that have been made by not rushing into production.
               In the past years, 1000's of loyal followers and supporters have reached out to coment that they loved the concept and would like to buy one, along with our family, friends, academic and professional circles all thought it was such a grand slam and to keep slowly moving on with manufacturing and production.

A slight Push...

               After going on a major TV Series, BarkEm's™ took a few months off. The TV appearing was the push of all pushes. It pushed us to get there, and after we got there and our heads were down, it pushed us again once it was real that everybody wanted it when it aired on ABC Shark Tank that Friday night, and my web site crashed in 3 days: getting 10,000 hits, 1200 emails, 100’s of calls; and the only topic was: KEEP GOING. KEEP GOING. Even with all the support, our notions said to let it rest of a bit, and re-evaluate later. Everybody wanted me to go go go (Which became the name of our product design firm: ProductGoGo), and said they would buy buy buy.  Nobody said quit (And we never did)!                Two newspapers from the Midwest, where I was born and raised, also printed large and great stories on my company and my path to not quit and to succeed. In the past, BarkEm's has been on iHeartRadio and on My Cool Inventions Radio. We are also excited to be going to several trade shows in the coming months.

BarkEm's Inc. & B.St.Design, now Product GoGo.

               When we got back from our moment of fame, we took a few days rest before picking back up with our design firm, B.St.Design LLC ( Since we have grown into our new name ProductGoGo - Making Products Go! With out our extensive background in CNC programming, product design, Industrial Design Technology, and 3 yeras of International Sourcing; BarkEm's would not have been possible as we present it today. Product GoGo proudly developed BarkEm's™ Portable Pet Meals from graphics, to web, 3-d files, drafting's, models, and more. We have been moving forward with a dozen or more other clients’ work also. BarkEm’s kept plugging away on the side, working in between the rest of our clients’ work.

              Check out our design firms site, and check back to see updates and new info. Web at we will be showing up on hundreds of sales sites soon online and in location from hardware stores, general stores, convenience stores, to our best leads coming from a few of the big box guys...
              BarkEm’s Portable Pet Meals is here to answer any questions, call us at the office 303.777.7195, Email Always Thanks, Blake and the BarkEm’s Team!

               Go IndieGoGo! We are currently looking for a few like minded individuals or companies to help us make the next step, which is a big one. We currently have all tooling, manufacturing, packaging, and process defined and tested. Our tooling hardship has been overcome by overseas manufacturing and production, which will give BarkEm's™ the gasp of air much needed.

Before And After Grand Launch
















The package on the left is the actual package that the were used for the filming. The advice and critique MADE BarkEm's Inc. what it is today. We looked into every area, the package has been engineered to not spill, twist, or collapse. The label meets all labeling specs, barcode is active, and product is ready for sale. We hope to find the right like minded people to make the last step, Funding! We have limited quantities currently, and are waiting for the next step, which is a big one. The product was a prototype going on before, now its a shelf ready product from top to bottom and we are proud of our story! Any other way would have just been "too easy".


A Crazy Few Year's in Review!

American Made vs. Overseas Mfg.

              Not all products are suited for American Made & All Natural. This was the original direction that we all thought was the best route to launch BarkEm's™ Portable Pet Meals. However with this came our harshest critisim; altering a pets food will disrupt your pets stomach. This after much research has turned us in a new direction, a specifically chosen "Neutral Food" is the key to the products success, not having a very well known, meat and vegatible food, which would possibly upset your pets tummie. We think the tummie achees would have ultimently hurt the products launch. Now our persay "bland" or Neutrally blanced food is the best possible "on the go" product for your pet.
               We were facilitated to have 10k units produced in 4 weeks post showing at the NHS, however have remodeled our business structure and are going to work with oveseas sourching companies that will allow us for 25% of the initial investment produce the most popular size, the Medium BarkEm's Container and get the company off the ground. You can only use half a serving for smaller pets, and 2x for larger, soon all 3 sizes will be avalaible upon the first suceess. The contacts, info, and statistic that we received from the National Hardware Show upon launch was we were thinking too small. The reality is that the general public loves the concept, we just need to give it the last boost....and we think IndieGoGo can do this for us.
              After our design firm, B.St.Design grew into ProductGoGo; we through popular demand and general small business start up expenses started working with overseas reps and manufacturing facilities. In the past years we have successfully launched dozens of companies through our new overseas sourcing channels (Mind Design Games- Alhzimers Games, CR-Pak- Child Resistant Packaging, LabelNator- Bottle Label Remover, Doggy Solutions- Pet Patio Potty, and many more). BarkEm's™ Portable Pet Meals wasn't ever forgotten about, possibly thought about more as we saw the reality of a company launch for a fraction of the initial input cost and remain at a high quality control and standard though our proven system. If we only knew what we know now, BarkEm's™ would have already seen the light, but now we are going to make sure of it!
               We feel that IndieGoGo and crowdfunding is the best way for BarkEm's to A. get Purchase Orders, and B. Rapidily get funded for quick manfacturing turn around. It could take us another year to complete what with IndieGoGo we could rocket into 3-6 months! We get way too many "when can we buy this item" e-mails weekly and follow ups monthly! Please help us produce this amazing Pet Product that will soon be a common house hold name, Grab a BarkEm's™, and lets GO!

Saved By the Bell!














               As we gained trust in our manuifacturing and sourcing abilities we finally had BarkEm's™ fully quoted for the plastic tray, printing of the see through lid, assembly of the food items, and packaging. We became amazed that we only needed $25,000 to produce a minimum order quanity and finally pulled the trigger, made the video, and started our crowdfunding compaign. We feel very confident that we can producce a very high end product at a great cost and of top quality.


Specially Selected Neutral Dog Food

               We originally teamed up with a regionally known super premium dog food company of 75 years from Idaho that also produces premium treats. This was a great company decision for quality. However this also rose the biggest question of the product, is my pets tummie going to get upset. This is why we moved from our initial decision and to a new White Label food company that is not high in any 1 ingredient or featuring any traits, we simply do not want those foods. So in the end a high end neutral food is the best choice!


National Hardware Show : with new Pet Division Release

On May 1-3, 2012, we released the medium sized BarkEm’s

Portable Pet Meals at the National Hardware Show in Los Vegas, fresh out of our new production line in Colorado. (Currently it is a small line, and very semi-automated, however our full production machines are on order, and will be arriving soon. Upwards of 10k units a hour is our goal with our spec’ed machine.)  At the NHS 2012 BarkEm’s Portable Pet Meals was shown in several areas: a New Product Launch Area which was a premier exhibit with 50+ other new products near the main entrance, seen by approximately 30,000 visitors. In short, I will say, BarkEm’s was a HIT.















              We at ProductGoGo started going to Crowdfunding seminars and events in late 2014 and early 2015 and as a design firm wanted to put the project that we have put the most tender love and care into and let all the supporters help us help them get BarkEm's™ Portable Pet Meals avaiable today!


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